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Marketing leaders need to be nimble and responsive to their target audiences, marketing channels, competitive landscapes, product offerings and a host of other key factors.

They need advance information about the crucial economic, social and environmental factors that affect successful efforts.

Marketing Executive Digest is a free monthly intelligence report and email newsletter created to ensure that marketing professionals are ahead of the curve on the following vital issues:

•  New technologies that enhance profits
•  Pricing trends and effects
•  Evolving channels of communication
•  Innovative promotions
•   Creative advertising solutions
•  Audience involvement and engagement
•  Effective selling points
•  Branding issues
•  Career management

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Marketing leaders seek out information from other marketing managers to better manage their enterprises. Marketing executives focus on getting and keeping their organizations profitable. By providing information on finance, marketing, staffing, employees, technology and sales to marketing leaders this website provides a unique platform for information exchange. Marketing leaders are in need of information to increase productivity and raise profits.

This website's award-winning staff distills information from a variety of sources to create a digest of marketing strategies that work for other marketing managers. Offering marketing managers and owners the best in terms of information and suggestions, this website is designed to be an easy, short read.

Marketing managers seek solutions to everyday problems that affect their bottom-line. The best sources of these solutions are other marketing managers who have encountered and solved these obstacles.

By continuously reading this website, marketing managers can learn much to improve their small enterprises. Other managers with larger companies can also benefit.

Functionality and brevity are important to marketing managers, owners and that is what this website's editorial is based on. Marketing managers know this website will often be ahead of national media in identifying trends and potential obstacles to marketing success.