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Marketing Executive Digest is published by Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI).

Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI) is a Media and Marketing Company serving small and medium businesses as an information center. A majority of its efforts are focused on improving the profit profile for companies. It offers readers advanced warning on new trends and threats that affect their bottom line. Its award-winning staff conducts surveys and analysis recognized by other national media companies for their timeliness and depth.

The company does no marketing for itself or its newsletters but gains traction and new readers through referrals based on the quality and usefulness of its editorial content. The result is an online channel particularly useful for corporations trying to reach and influence decision makers in the small and medium size business sector.

Editorially, the company has been ahead of the curve on such issues as voice over internet, health savings accounts, and marketing and branding issues that affect firms. Because it regularly surveys its audience, ISI often publishes stories ahead of national media in its niches.

ISIs surveys and editorial content have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and are noted for their prescient identification of issues. Through these surveys, ISI keeps a pulse on changing trends in the practices of smaller firms and often reports on them ahead of major media outlet.

Among ISI’s websites are:

•  www.hsafinder.com

Marketing Executive Digest serves more than 20,000 company managers. Among this audience are:

•    69% are senior level marketing executives
•  Average yearly sales are $13.9 million
•  Average employee size is 118
•  Average computers per employee is 1.2
•  28% provide more than 50% of healthcare costs
•  55% upgraded their website in 2007
•  17% seek government contracts
•  9% bought mailing lists in 2007
•  33% expect to increase IT purchases in 2007
71% have at least one mobile phone device (pager, phone, other)
Editorial Calendar

August -- Four new promotional programs that are working for other marketers

September – Trade show secrets – five activities that can improve lead generation

October -- End-of-year strategies to reduce corporate taxes

November -- Holiday greetings programs that add sales dollars

December -- Looking at 2009

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Marketing Executive Digest
Information Strategies, Inc.
P.O. Box 563, Palisades Park, NJ 07650
email dmazzella@is-incorp.com

For more information on how you can participate in these monthly emails or to become sole sponsor of a special edition, contact:

Donald Mazzella, 201-242-0600 or email

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Marketing leaders seek out information from other marketing managers to better manage their enterprises. Marketing executives focus on getting and keeping their organizations profitable. By providing information on finance, marketing, staffing, employees, technology and sales to marketing leaders this website provides a unique platform for information exchange. Marketing leaders are in need of information to increase productivity and raise profits.

This website's award-winning staff distills information from a variety of sources to create a digest of marketing strategies that work for other marketing managers. Offering marketing managers and owners the best in terms of information and suggestions, this website is designed to be an easy, short read.

Marketing managers seek solutions to everyday problems that affect their bottom-line. The best sources of these solutions are other marketing managers who have encountered and solved these obstacles.

By continuously reading this website, marketing managers can learn much to improve their small enterprises. Other managers with larger companies can also benefit.

Functionality and brevity are important to marketing managers, owners and that is what this website's editorial is based on. Marketing managers know this website will often be ahead of national media in identifying trends and potential obstacles to marketing success.