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How to Lose Online Business Fast: Don't Follow-up Quickly Enough

One of the fastest ways that an online advertiser can lose business is to take too long to respond to a potential customer. 

In fact, a recent survey by this newsletter's parent, Information Strategies, Inc., indicated this was an important consideration in the buy decision of business purchasers.

More than half (59%) of respondents said they felt quick response was often the deciding factor in their buy-decision process.

There is often a lag time between sending a request for information or callback and the actual response.

A service is now available to keep that from happening.

If a sales staff is waiting a half hour or worse, the next day, to make contact with an inquiring customer, chances are that customer has already reached out to other competitors, and possibly made a purchase from someone else.

When starting his company, InstantIncrease.com, founder J. Joshua Beistle noted how much he invested in promoting the company’s online advertising, a process through which he learned the importance of converting Web leads into sales.

“That became our No. 1 task,” he says. “Competitors are only a click away - whoever calls that prospect first WINS. We make you memorable to the prospect and explain why you are the best answer to their problem or need.”

Based in Phoenix, InstantIncrease.com offers online advertisers a service which allows them to make instant contact with their prospects by phone within 60 seconds of a visit to the advertiser's Web site. That helps increase the conversion rate from leads to sales.

Many businesses, Beistle says, don’t have the breadth and resources to respond to every interested prospect within minutes of an online inquiry, thereby making their market share extremely vulnerable. Adding to the problem is that businesses are no longer competing with only the firm across town, but rather ones across the nation or around the world – many of which can respond immediately and provide the same product.

Every time a prospect requests more information from an advertiser-client’s Web site, InstantIncrease.com’s call center calls the prospect back within 60 seconds to deliver the advertiser's unique selling proposition (USP) - why its product is better than the competition's - further develop and build the advertiser's brand, ensure the prospect remembers who the advertiser is, and help the prospect feel confident in making the purchase.

InstantIncrease.com can also transfer leads directly to a business’s sales force, in real time, even as the prospect is still browsing the business’s Web site.

“And if this process occurs during the sales force’s off hours, InstantIncrease.com automatically schedules an appointment between the prospect and a sales-force representative, dramatically increasing the chances of making a meaningful connection and ultimately a sale,” Beistle says.

InstantIncrease.com collects additional contact information from each prospect, such as alternative phone numbers, SMS text-message acceptance, mailing addresses and connections on social-networking sites.

“It all occurs within minutes,” the company founder says, “long before a competitor has the chance to swoop in and snatch up this business opportunity.”

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