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•   Eric Townsend
Small Business Programs Manager, Intel


1) How does Intel's new chip benefit the small and medium size business manager?

2) Will this offering give protection to client files?

3) How will this offering enhance overall usability of systems?

4) Will VARs and others be able to provide better service to clients, and how?

Eric has been with Intel for 8 years. Eric’s background is primarily in PC and handheld technology.



•   Bobby Kacher
President, Robert Kacher Selections


1) Why did you get into the wine business?

2) Why does the wine business constantly refresh you?

3) How do new technologies allow you to offer better wines at lower costs?

Robert Kacher Selections is one of the leading boutique wine importers in the country.



•   Mike Ankrum
Vice President, Sales & Marketing Fontis Health


1) What do employers need in order to best support the implementation of an HSA benefit program?

2) How is Fontis different from a carrier or TPA?

3) How can your product help agents sell and install HSA benefit programs?

4) What are the most cited objections to HSAs from employees, and how do you overcome them?

During his 14-year career in employee benefits, Mike has proven to be a skilled leader in identifying the trends present in the industry, and an expert in consumer directed healthcare plans.



•   Steve Harrison
Chairman, Lee Hecht Harrison


1) Why is Wednesday a more decent day to fire someone than Friday?

2) How can a two minute schmooze make bottom-rung employees work harder?

3) How does taking an employee's job for the day make for a cost-effective motivator?

Steve is a leading expert on careers and business ethics



•   Teresa O'Keefe, Vice President, Marketing for Connect YourCare


1) What are the top two issues when choosing a CDH or HSA offering?

2) How can providers and employers ease this transition and make it work better?

3) What are the most pressing issues facing the industry?

Teresa is responsible for Connect Your Care's marketing communications and sales support and has extensive experience in HR/Benefits technology.



•   Jan Johnson, Vice President, Marketing & Training, UCN, Inc.


Please discuss the importance and advantages of having a professional telephone system, the requirements of such a system and the ROI that can be expected by using your company's product, InContact™.

Jan has over 30 years experience in computer and marketing roles within software- and network-oriented companies.


•   Anne Kreitzberg, President, Cognetics Corporation


1) How does your web tool, "In the Know" keep projects and fragmented teams in synch while improving the bottom line?

2) Can you provide an example?

Anne works for a leading usability and organizational consulting firm in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.




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